House rules

We want you to have a great experience living in this modern, stylish home.

Section 105U of the Residential Tenancies Act of South Australia 1995 (the Act) states that a Rooming Agreement must be accompanied with a set of ‘House Rules’.

Developed by the proprietor (landlord) with good intent, these rules are aimed at creating and keeping a peaceful, happy home for everyone to enjoy. They also protect the property itself from damage.

The House Rules are not negotiable and will be enforced. Under the Act, termination of a Rooming Agreement can be made by the landlord for:

  • Financial reasons – not paying rent
  • Non-financial reasons – not obeying the House Rules

These House Rules will be updated from time to time and posted on This online version will be considered the most up to date and will apply. Please find the House Rules below:

Access to the Property

The South Australian Rooming House Agreement sets out the rules around access to the property by third parties, including, but not limited to, the cleaners and gardener, the property manager, possible incoming tenants, tradesmen, the proprietor and other third parties. We comply with these rules which are as follows:

  • The proprietor or property manager will provide third parties (i.e. any person other than the existing tenants) access to any common area (i.e. any area on the property other than a bedroom) access with notification to existing tenants via text message or email. Minimal notice may be provided however they will endeavour to provide at least 24 hours notice. Tenants can not deny access
  • The proprietor or property manager must provide tenants 14-days prior written notice to tenants via text message or email if a third party (e.g. a repair person, electrician, proprietor or property manager for a quarterly inspection) will be interring their bedroom. The third party must not stay in there for longer than required
  • The proprietor or property manager must provide 14-days prior written notice to tenants via text message or email if any major works are to be done at the property
  • As required by the Rooming Agreement Act, locks have been provided on your bedroom door to keep your bedroom secure and private
  • The proprietor or property manager will conduct quarterly inspections of bedrooms on, or near the 1st of January, April, July and October, or with 14-days written notice at any other time
  • Tenants must not provide access to the property to any other third parties other than having a guest over (who does not stay at the property over night)

The House Rules must be displayed at the house as per the Rooming House Agreement Laws. Do not remove the House Rules

  • No smoking or vaping in or outside the house
  • Drugs and implements to use drugs are not permitted in this house and will lead to instant termination of your lease
  • No open fires are allowed (including, but not limited to, candles, any oven or cooktop other than what is professionally installed in the kitchen, camping ovens or cooktops, cooktops or devices to cook shisha or any other open flames whatsoever)
  • This is a communal house. Please respect each other
  • Be appropriately dressed in the common areas of the house
  • Keep your belongings in your room only, not in any shared space
  • No parties
  • Keep the noise down, inside and outside
  • No shoes inside the house
  • No pets
  • Do not remove any furniture or bedding from your bedroom that has been provided by the proprietor
  • Do not move any furniture that has been provided by the proprietor (including, but not limited to, couches, cushions, dining or coffee tables and chairs, pot plants or artwork)
  • Do not bring additional furniture into the house without written consent from the proprietor or property manager
  • Do not leave the air conditioner on either in your bedroom or shared space unless you are spending time in that room
  • Tenants must not instruct any tradesman or other person to do any works at the property. The landlord will not pay for these
  • The fencing must not be removed under any circumstance, including, but not limited to, at the rear between the properties
  • If something needs repair or maintenance, please inform the property manager immediately to address
  • Comply with reasonable requests from the property manager, including, but not limited to, making sure the house is presentable (by following all house rules…) when possible incoming tenants are inspecting the property

We pride ourselves in offering our tenants a modern, stylish home that is spacious, clean and tidy. To maintain the luxury feel, we have strict cleaning rules that we will enforce to ensure that every tenant continues to enjoy this beautiful home.

The rules below are not negotiable. Do not enter into a lease with us unless you will abide by these rules. Your lease may be terminated if you do not.

  • All dishes are to be washed, dried and put away immediately after every use
  • There should never be any dishes on the bench tops or in the sink, other than when you are using them, or washing them, drying them, or putting them away
  • The oven and cook top must be thoroughly cleaned after every use
  • The exhaust fan must be turned on (to high) every time the oven or cook top is being used
  • The floors, tables and other surfaces shall remain free of any rubbish (including, but not limited to, dishes, fast food wrappers or containers)
  • Bin liners must be used in all bins, including the inside bins and outside bins. Never put rubbish in a bin without a bin liner
  • The kitchen bins must never be allowed to over flow.
  • Kitchen bins must be emptied daily and cleaned weekly
  • A camera is installed in the kitchen to monitor and enforce this strict rule
Fridge, Freezer and Pantry
  • Every tenant has an allocated shelf in the fridge and freezer. Only use your allocated space and keep it clean and tidy
  • The fridge and freezer space allocation is as follows:
  • Room 1 (downstairs front) top shelf
  • Room 2 (downstairs middle) second shelf from top
  • Room 3 (upstairs front) third shelf from top
  • Room 4 (upstairs middle) forth shelf from top
  • Room 5 (upstairs rear) fifth shelf from top
  • Do not let your items go off, grow mould on them, smell, or negatively affect the other tenants. If you have smelly food, use the right containers to contain the smell
  • There is a communal pantry in the kitchen. Each tenant also has an additional lockable pantry situated in the laundry
  • You must use the exhaust fan when you use the bath or shower
  • The bathrooms must be visibly clear of any personal items. Use the cupboards provided to keep them out of view or take them back to your room
  • Take your bath towel back to your bedroom to hang it up after every use. Towel racks have been provided in your bedroom. Do not hang your bath towel in the bathroom.
  • Make sure the bench tops and floors are always free of any personal items and are kept clean
  • The toilet must be kept clean and tidy. Toilet cleaner and a brush have been provided for you to make sure you leave the toilet bowl clean after every use
  • Make sure the outside and surrounding areas of the toilet bowl are kept clean
  • Make sure the basin and floors are always free of any personal items and are kept clean
  • The laundry is to be used to wash and dry clothes only. Your clothes must not be stored, however temporarily. Keep your laundry in your bedroom, bring it to the laundry to wash and dry and take it back to your bedroom immediately
  • The laundry is to be free of any clothes or other items, other than when you are doing your washing or drying
  • Make sure the bench tops and floors are always free of any personal items and are kept clean
  • Keep your bedroom clean and tidy
  • Wipe down surfaces once a week to avoid dust build up
  • Vacuum and mop your floor every cup of weeks
  • Cleaning equipment has been provided to give the hallways a quick vacuum or mop weekly. Please make sure this is done.
  • The garage has been assigned to one tenant who is responsible for keeping it clean and tidy
  • The garage needs to be free from any items other than a car (including bottles)
  • The garage is not to be used for any storage whatsoever
Outside Areas
  • The paths around the house, the area with synthetic turf and the garden beds need to be kept clear of any personal items (including bottles) and be kept clean and tidy
  • Do not store any item around the outside the house. Paths need to be kept clear
  • Do not put anything in the garden beds
  • Do not move the outdoor furniture
  • Do not do any gardening
  • The gardener will not do any non gardening task or take any non gardening waste away
  • Do not instruct the gardener. Only the proprietor or property manager will instruct the gardener
  • Any damage done or change done to the garden needs to be remedied at your own expense but through our instructions to the gardener
  • Place all rubbish in the bins. Do not place rubbish around the bins
  • The inside bins must be emptied daily and/or before they overflow
  • The bin with the blue lid outside is for general waste
  • The bin with the yellow lid outside is for recycling (i.e. paper, cardboard, plastic and glass)
  • A bin liner must be used in all bins to keep them clean. Do not place rubbish in a bin that does not have a bin liner. Put a bin liner in them, and then deposit your rubbish into the bin. If you are caught (by the security cameras) not adhering to this you will be required to remove the rubbish yourself, wash the bin immediately, place a bin liner in it and then put the rubbish back in the bin. To avoid this, use a bin liner
  • Rubbish must be compacted, tied up and reduced to a size that allows the bin lids to close before bin day. Consideration of all other tenants is required and appreciated
  • The outdoor bins must be stored in between the rainwater tank and side access at the rear of the house, not at the front of the property (there is no room down the side of house for bins and space for person to pass)
  • WARNING: You must use the correct outside bin for general waste and recycling. Do not put any general waster in the recycling bin (with the yellow lid) as you may be fined by the council. If we receive a fine we will revert to the cameras and see who is responsible. By signing this lease agreement you agree to pay the fine if you are caught putting non recycling in the recycling bin and it leads to a fine. Payment will be required with 7 days of a infringement notice being received.
The Fortnightly Cleaning Service Provided
The fortnightly cleaning service the proprietor provides has the following strict terms:

  • You must do all of the cleaning activities listed above
  • The fortnightly clean is intended to be a deeper clean on already clear surfaces
  • The cleaner does not do dishes under any circumstance
  • The cleaner does not put rubbish in the bin, take the bins out or clear bench tops, tables or floors
  • The cleaner works around any item left in their way and is not responsible for putting away your belongings or rubbish
  • The cleaner does not clean your bedroom
  • The cleaner does not touch your laundry. Please make sure your bath towel and laundry are in your bedroom, not the common space
  • The cleaner will be cleaning every fortnight, usually on a Monday. Accept this as your required notification
Payment of Rent
  • We use a payment gateway called EziDebit to collect rent
  • Payment is via direct debit only
  • They will charge you late fees for late payments
  • Late fees cannot be reversed
  • Once established, the direct debit must not be cancelled
Car Parking
  • If you have a car, you will have an assigned car park. You must use this park only
  • Do not allow friends or any other people (non tenants) to park anywhere onsite. Guests must park on the street only
  • There are security cameras covering the communal areas of the property
  • Electronic door locks have been installed for your security and privacy

Breach Of House Rules

These House Rules have been developed, from experience, to ensure that you and all other tenants enjoy beautiful, clean and tidy, peaceful and safe accommodation. If one or more of the house rules are broken, your experience, and that of your house mates can be greatly impacted.The Residential Tenancies Act 1995 and associated Regulations, clause 6 states ‘The resident will not cause or permit an interference with the reasonable peace, comfort or privacy of other residents of the rooming house.’ A tenants lease may be terminated instantly and required to vacate the property instantly (same day) for breaches not associated with rent arrears. If you breach the house rules and we consider it serious, we may terminate your lease instantly. In this instance, the early termination of your lease will still apply and you will be required to pay out the balance of your lease. It is absolutely critical you read all of the house house rules, understand them, ask any questions if you are not sure of anything, and only sign the lease agreement if you will abide by them. This includes doing the required cleaning in the house. We are strict on tenants adhering to the house rules for the smooth running of the share houses. Assuming you adhere to all of the house rules, you will benefit from them if others breach them.